Family Friendly Day Around Tilford

Explore the idyllic village of Tilford, nestled near Farnham in Surrey. This charming location is ideal for family outings, combining picturesque countryside with rich local culture. Whether you’re planning a relaxed day trip or a fun-filled family weekend, Tilford offers both scenic beauty and engaging activities for all ages.

Attractions Around Tilford

Tilford boasts a variety of attractions that cater to all interests and age groups. Below are some must-visit spots that promise a fun and memorable day out.

Sculpture World – 2 miles from The Duke

Just a short drive from The Duke of Cambridge, Sculpture World is the world’s largest all-year sculpture exhibition, featuring over 300 artists showcasing 600 sculptures. The dynamic nature of the exhibits, with pieces regularly changing, ensures there is always something new to discover. As you wander through the park’s landscaped grounds, you’ll encounter a mix of contemporary and traditional sculptures. Each piece is crafted from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and stone, offering a rich visual experience that engages both adults and children. For more information, visit The Sculpture Park.

Bird World – 5.4 miles from The Duke

Bird World is a haven for animal lovers, offering 26 acres of landscaped park and gardens home to over 800 birds and 180 species from around the globe. This park also includes the Underwater World aquarium and the Jenny Wren Farm, making it a full day of adventure. Children will be fascinated by the daily feeding sessions and interactive displays, while adults can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the gardens. The variety of species ensures that there is something to capture the interest of every family member. Plan your visit by checking out Bird World.

Go Ape – 6.6 miles from The Duke

For families looking for a thrill, Go Ape at Alice Holt Forest is the perfect destination. This adventure park features high ropes courses suitable for all ages and abilities, along with picnic and play areas, walking routes, and a café. The treetop courses offer a series of obstacles, including zip lines and swinging bridges, that provide both physical challenges and exhilarating fun. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors while challenging yourself. Parents and children alike can take part in this exciting activity, making it a memorable part of your visit. Learn more about the activities at Go Ape.

S4P Bikepark – 7.2 miles from The Duke

Experience the adrenaline rush at S4P Bikepark in Milford. This renowned bike park offers progressive trails for riders of all ages and skill levels, making it accessible for everyone from beginners to pros. With a variety of jumps, berms, and technical features, the park provides a perfect environment for riders to develop their skills. Free ride memberships and training courses are available for those looking to hone their abilities. The bikepark is also a great place for spectators to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere and support their adventurous family members. Discover more about the park at S4P Bikepark.

Watts Gallery Artists Village

Immerse yourself in the artistic heritage of the Victorian era at Watts Gallery Artists Village. Here, you can view stunning paintings and sculptures, explore the Grade I listed Watts Chapel, tour the artists’ home, and even purchase art to take home. The gallery’s permanent collection showcases works by George Frederic Watts and his contemporaries, while temporary exhibitions bring a dynamic range of art to visitors. The picturesque surroundings, including beautifully maintained gardens and woodland trails, make it a serene spot for a family outing that combines education and inspiration. Find out more by visiting Watts Gallery.

Finish off your day at the Duke of Cambridge

After a day full of exploration and fun, unwind at The Duke of Cambridge, a family-friendly pub offering excellent dining and entertainment options.

A Feast for All

At The Duke of Cambridge, guests can enjoy a variety of dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, catering to both large and small appetites. The diverse menu includes classic pub fare, gourmet specials, and a dedicated children’s menu, ensuring that everyone in the family finds something they love. The pub’s commitment to quality and freshness is evident in every dish, making it a culinary highlight of your visit.

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Kid-Friendly Play Area

Designed with family fun in mind, The Duke of Cambridge features a children’s play area and a spacious garden. These safe and engaging spaces allow children to play freely while parents relax. The outdoor dining area is perfect for family meals in the fresh air, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely end to your day. The pub’s warm and welcoming atmosphere ensures that families feel at home, with friendly staff ready to accommodate your needs.

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Tilford, with its blend of natural beauty and local attractions, including the family-friendly Duke of Cambridge Pub, offers a delightful escape for families seeking fun and relaxation. Whether you’re indulging in a gourmet meal or enjoying the great outdoors, Tilford provides a picturesque backdrop to create lasting memories with your loved ones.