Get it Growing for The Prostate Project

This October, we’re taking part in OctoBEARDfest, to help raise money for The prostate Project.

We’ve got chefs, managers, waiters, regular customers and local residents all to ditch their razors, beard trimmers and scissors for the month and let it all go for the next 31 days!

The rules are simple – No shaving until November! Join in by getting 5 sponsors of just £5 each. Pop in to the Duke and you can join our pub team in trying to raise the most money of all the pubs involved this year!

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The Prostate Project is a rapidly growing charity run by volunteers. In the past 15 years we have raised over £6 million and helped The Royal Surrey County Hospital achieve ‘Centre of Excellence’ status in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. They pride themselves in having administration costs of less than 4% – far below the average 20% lost to administration by most UK charities.

Their mission is, and always will be, to give men a better chance of beating prostate cancer. As a result of their work, and that of others around the world, men diagnosed today with prostate cancer are many times more likely to be cured, or at least have their lives significantly extended, than was the case 10 years ago.

Get involved and get it growing!